Top 10 Most Popular First Released Movies

1. Dickson Greeting is credited as one of the world's first films. Directed, produced by and starring William Dickson - it simply displays a 3 second clip of him waving.

2. The Kiss (also known as The May Irwin Kiss, The Rice-Irwin Kiss and The Widow Jones) is an 1896 actuality which was one of the first movies ever shown commercially to the public.

3. Rip van Winkle is a short story by Washington Irving published in 1819, as well as the name of the story's fictional protagonist. It was part of a collection of stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon.

4. Star Theatre (also known as Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre) is a 1901 short documentary film in which time-lapse photography is used to show the dismantling and demolition of New York City's Star Theatre over a period of about a month.

5. President McKinley Inauguration Footage is a combined namesof the two titles President McKinley Taking the Oath and President McKinley and Escort Going to the Capitol. The two show president William McKinley arriving at the United States Capitol in order to take the oath of office for President of the United States.

6. A Trip to the Moon was written and directed by Georges Méliès. Running time is 14 minutes at 16 frames per second.

7. Alice in Wonderland is a 1903 silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and starring May Clark in this more twisted version of Wonderland

8. The Great Train Robbery is a 1903 western film. The film is only twelve minutes long, but it is a milestone in film making.

9. Life of an American Fireman

10. Uncle Tom's Cabin based on a novel by American abolitionist author Harriet Beecher Stowe which treats slavery as a central theme.

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